Below you will find reviews from some of the many students who have trained with Jennifer Claudio and Essential Yoga School.

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I would highly recommend Jennifer Claudio and Essential Yoga School to anyone who is interested in making a profound change in their life. I signed up with Jen and Essential Yoga School in the hopes of learning the correct way to assume yoga poses in preparation to become a yoga teacher. After the first two sessions, I realized that I was on the path to self discovery and learning so much more than yoga sequences. Jen was not only extremely knowledgable, she was also patient, kind, and encouraging. She did not assume or preach, but gently guided me to ask my own questions and seek out my own answers. I am confident that I am ready to move forward not only as a yoga teacher, but as an empowered woman who is not perfect, but who is looking forward to her journey ahead. Thank you, Jen, from the bottom of my heart.

Kim Koncsol

This is an amazing yoga school!!! Jen is Absolutely loving, kind and patient. I am enrolled in her teacher training and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Essential Yoga school to anyone!

Megan Lacey Wren

Jen has the golden heart of a true Yogi. I’m ever inspired by her school and practice! In just the few months EYS has been training students at Source Studio, our confidence has progressed, we’re gaining a deep knowledge of yogic lifestyle and there is no pressure or tension in her classes. This school shines a light I highly recommend stepping into:). Namaste.

Lauren Rovira

I decided to take this class to broaden my horizon. That’s one decision I will always be glad i took. Jen is amazing, knows her craft and even more. She is a compassionate, caring, fun and such a beautiful soul. It’s all about learning about yourself to be that light for others. It is not a piece of paper you are gaining, it’s a life changing experience, where you are allowed to find yourself in a safe and non judgmental environment.
Thank you will never be enough to tell you how grateful i am to have met you, Jen.

Anna Biteye

I thought Essential Yoga School and my teacher Jen was very knowledgable and patient. She had a good grasp of the content we went over in every single class. Jen was able to convey the concepts, history and physical practice of yoga. Despite the fact that I come from a Western fitness background, Jen was able to explain things in a way I could relate to. I thought she gave each student enough attention and kept the group united. Overall, I thought the entire program was challenging, insightful and worthwhile.

Eric Gonzalez

As a beginner yogi, it was very refreshing to have met someone who made yoga a comfortable, easy going, and judgment free experience. Jen is a beautiful, fierce soul that not only willingfully shares her passion for yoga but spreads positivity that can be transformational. Thank YOU Jen

Nicole Walczak

Jen is such an amazing person and very knowledgeable!! I enjoyed the 200 hr yoga training with her and feel very comfortable teaching a yoga class now!! She is very flexible with scheduling and goes above and beyond to give the best service possible!! I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learnung about the art of yoga or to teach yoga!!!

Cindy Fereno

My experience was life transforming. I was fully prepared to be a yoga instructor and I am now currently employed as such. Seeing the positive changes in my life I now have friends and family entering into the same program.

Corinthia Cain

Jen is a wonderful teacher with lots of passion for yoga and healthy living! I trained with her for my 200 hour yoga certification and loved it. I learned so much and went through a complete body, mind and soul transformation. I also went on a retreat with her as a part of the training and it is a trip that I will remember forever. Filled with good food, healthy conversations and transformational breath work that completely shook my world up and left me feeling so while and refreshed. If Jen had another retreat out here in CA I would be the first to sign up! Her energy is warm and her soul shines through all that she does. Thank you Jen for a wonderful and magical beginning on my new yoga teaching journey.

Lauren Lewandowski

Essential Yoga School and Jen came into my life at just the right time. I had been looking for a yoga experience that would fit my schedule satisfy my needs to learn and also stray away from super traditional styles of learning. Jen has been consistently friendly, understanding, and informative in each interaction and in every class. I felt so comfortable interacting with Jen, I invited a friend to join me in signing up for the 200 hour teacher training in Princeton, NJ. The class style would be best described as conversational; fitting in videos, text readings, and discussing theory, technique, and kinesiology in a style of dialogue that felt natural and fluid. Breaking for clarification, to answer questions, and to support each of her students when necessary. Jen’s focus in Essential Yoga School is to cover all the parts of Yoga one possibly can in 200 hours, and I’ll be flowing confidently into my continued Yoga journey because her of influence. The homework demands are reasonable, some extra reading and planning, as well as personal Yoga practice, we practice a flow up to twice a day, with teaching each other starting very early in our training. Which I appreciated most, as a fitness trainer and group exercise instructor, I was eager to put myself to the test of practicing and cultivating my teaching technique. My overall experience with Essential Yoga School was fun, informative, relaxed, and so very worth the time and effort. I strongly suggest exploring your Yoga studies here, I’m already looking forward to the 300 hour teacher training course!

Sal Barriga III

I signed up for this program hoping to deepen my yoga practice and understand more about the philosophy of yoga. Both of those goals were met, plus I experienced other great lessons I wasn’t expecting. We did pranayama workshops, learned how yoga is practiced in different countries, and how to safely use props. Safety was always at the forefront of Jen’s mind, and she was not one to push anyone who had restrictions. She taught in a very compassionate and open way, taking questions whenever they arose. I learned a lot about teaching yoga and what makes a teacher great, and I also learned a lot about myself through introspective guided exercises.

Ariana Heinsdorf

Jen Claudio our New Vision Women’s Retreat in Desert Hot Springs 2015, was an amazing collaboration of nourishing talent, energy, LOVE and support provided by you and the women who helped guide us along our four day journey. Thank you Jamie Beavers, Lauren Rovira, Sarah Lim, Susan Johnston and of course Jen Claudio. Making new connections with like minded people is a beautiful and empowering thing and I thank all who attended. What I took away from this retreat I cannot repay, instead I will pay it forward. Namaste.

Dorien Upton

I am currently in the teacher training at Essential Yoga School and I can’t say enough good things about my experience.The curriculum is easy to understand and Jen is an amazing instructor. Anyone looking to deepen their practice and/or become a yoga instructor will get top notch training at an affordable price. Highly recommended.

Alyssa Daigneault

There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing and inspiring this training experience was. Our teacher Jennifer was very accommodating and flexible right from the start. This training/learning offered a beautiful, creative, playful, grounding, enlightening, heartfelt, nurturing, balanced and peaceful experience. The materials, contents and the style were delivered in depth with compassion. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable, from this training I gained so much information easily in a comfortable and friendly environment. It really was an honor and pleasure to meet many like minded ladies there and had an opportunity to get to know some solid women. I have never worked with anyone so empowering and encouraging. Thank you Jennifer for wonderful work you do and the knowledge shared.

Mina Amaan

I was drawn to Essential Yoga School because of the teacher, Jen Claudio. I knew I would be in a safe, nurturing environment in which to explore me. Her presence, gentle guidance, and flexibility made the experience more rewarding than I could have envisioned.

Debbye Taylor

Jen is wonderful !! I am so lucky to have been able to take her class ! She is caring and understanding and fun all the while always being professional and informative . I would Reccomend this school to everyone interested in teaching yoga !

Marlene Paulin