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Yoga Workshops

Locations in Caguas, Rincon, and San Juan

Yoga Workshops are single class events, each lasting two hours or less.
Each of our workshops focus on a particular aspect of Yoga.

Workshops are available for all levels of Yoga experience.
Whether you are a newcomer to Yoga looking to begin your practice, or an advanced practitioner looking to deepen your understanding of yoga, our workshops are a great way to enhance your overall yoga experience.

Our workshops are available at all three of our locations, in Caguas, Rincon, and San Juan.

Available Yoga Workshops

Pranayama & Meditation
This workshop will lead you on a journey of becoming more creatively active in your meditation and Pranayama practice. You will learn and practice meditation and pranayama techniques to lower stress and anxiety.
Upcoming Dates: 2019

Sun Salutations
We will explore the poses that compose the basics of a Sun Salutation and the Vinyasa transition. Downward Dog, plank, Upward Facing dog, chataranga and cobra. Our focus will be shoulder biomechanics, breath awareness, core engagement and more.
Upcoming Dates:2019

Vision Board
Dream Big, Believe It’s Possible, and Take Action! This fun workshop is a wonderful path to explore your dreams and visions for the New Year, New World, New You.
Upcoming Dates:

A Breath, Lecture and Sound experience. Join us for this exploratory opportunity as we balance our energy with the breath, meditation and sound.
Upcoming Dates:2019

Yin Yoga & Restorative
This practice encourages you to let go of any destination and just ‘be’ in the pose, finding stillness and deeper relaxation. It is a form of yoga that works on stretching the bodies connective tissue in the pelvis, hips and spine.
Upcoming Dates: 2019

When safely performed, backbends are invigorating, on both a physical and psychological level. In this workshop we will explore their benefits through safe preparation and proper alignment, while maintaining an open heart.
Upcoming Dates:2019

Arm Balances
No prior arm balancing experience necessary. This workshop is designed for beginners. It will help you build confidence on and off the mat.
Upcoming Dates:2019

Thai Yoga
Thai Yoga is a form of body work that has been practiced in Thailand for over 2,000 years. This is a partner workshop where you can come alone or with someone.
Upcoming Dates:2019