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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

Locations in Caguas, Rincon, San Juan, Ponce, Aguadilla, San Sebastian, Rio Grande, Luquillo and Fajardo, and Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Introduction / Overview

Course Curriculum


A yoga teacher training is a transformational experience that will allow participants to share the gift of yoga. At Essential Yoga School we teach a variety of styles of yoga to prepare each student for the possibility of different opportunities; such as group classes, privates, flow yoga and alignment based practices and more. This training is ideal for new practitioners as well as the intermediate or advanced practitioner that is interested in teaching or in deeping their personal practice.

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are conveniently offered at Four different locations in Puerto Rico: Caguas, Rincon, Ponce and San Juan. Classes which are missed at one location can be made up at a different locaton. A schedule of our upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings appears below.

Course Curriculum – 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Your 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Course Work will Include the Following:

Yoga Philosophy

Principles of Asana

Chakra Energetics

Vinyasa & Dynamic Flow


Yin Yoga


Mommy and Me


Chair Yoga and Modified Asanas

History of Hatha Yoga

8 Limbs of Yoga



Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Bhagavad Gita


Ashtanga Yoga


The Three Gunas




Basic Anatomy/Physiology

Essential teaching methods including:

Effective cuing


Vinyasa principles

How to compose a class

Introduction to adjustments

Basic Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teacher Trainings Schedule

To Be Announced

Essential Yoga School
Ponce, PR

To Be Announced

300 hour Teacher Training – Advanced Master Teacher Training Ponce PR

Essential Yoga School invites you to experience a 300-hour Master Training

into the timeless art and healing of of yoga.

Course Work will Include

This is a 6 month training in Therapeutic Yin & Yang Yoga that will facilitate a quantum leap in the development of your skills as a teacher. The training features teachings from Heart of Yoga by Swami Sachitananda, Forrest Yoga, Anusara, Partner Yoga, Arm Balances & Inversions, Art Meditation, Compassionate Communication, EFT, Qi Gong, Philosophy,Klesas,Dance Mandala, Mantra, Kirtan, & Transformative Voice Work.

All transformational practices that will take you beyond your current edge. Nothing in life is one size fits all yoga is no different. We
steer clear of any dogma or system that ask us to fit into it rather than vice versa.

We foster authentic sharing from a place of personal truth.

We work on identifying the autopilot ‘teacher voice’ that can happen in class when we’ve become comfortable as teachers. The ‘teacher voice’ prevents you from being fully present with your students. We have a unique approach to overcoming this common issue that will ensure no ‘teacher voice’ makes it into your classes ever again.

Your teaching practicums begin in Module One and become steadily more challenging and confronting as we move through the program. Expect to take leaps in your skill level and capacity to effectively teach private yoga, specialty classes, workshops, and to host retreats.

We have an approach to therapeutics that encompasses Structural, Functional, Emotional & Spiritual healing and that will enable you
with enough experience to work privately with injured students.