Faculty of the Essential Yoga School of Puerto Rico

Yoga Teachers

Nilmaris Segarra MD

Doctorate in Medicine
Reiki Master USUI Method
RYT 200: Essential Yoga School

Nilmaris, 35, currently practices as a generalist and preventive doctor. Dr. Segarra completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Essential Yoga School. Nilmaris is a Reiki Master.

She discovered Reiki during his search for growth and personal healing. She realized that with the practice of Reiki she could heal herself and use it as a tool in the treatment of her patients.

“I use Reiki as a method of healing and balance on myself daily. Together with yoga it keeps me rooted and balanced. I would like to bring Reiki to anyone who needs a spiritual healing in conjunction with the corporal one, which I perform daily in my work. “

phone: 787-901-5473
email: nilsegarra@gmail.com
Facebook: Yoga Gratitude/mediyogapr
IG: yoga_gratitude
Location: Ponce

Rhiana Lopez Ocasio

RYT 200: Essential Yoga School

Yoga was not something that was common in my island of P.R. as you grew up. My first encounter with it was in my early 20’s on a tv show called Yoga Zone. I started to deepen in this world in 2012 and a passion to teach it started growing. I had to pause my dream for a while but my passion was so big that I started inviting friends to my personal practice which end up turning into people falling in love with the practice and me with a strong desire to teach. I research back home where I can become a Yoga Teacher and I found Jenn. She helped me reaffirm my passion and decide this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Teaching is not only my dream but I am absolutely convinced that this is the recipe to save humanity, growth is not only constant and physical, it not only changes everything in you for the better but the spiritual growth is the true reward.

It is an honor for me to teach and spread this love that lifts my soul, and with the humbleness of the eternal student I will keep learning everything I can to be always a better teacher, leader and show people that there is a better way but it starts with in. My classes can be physically demanding and also relaxing and restoratives. My style is Vinyasa but I flow between Hatha, Ashtanga and Restorative styles to better accommodate my students’ necessities. Who are my favorites student’s? ALL OF THEM! My classes are for all levels and all ages. My mission, make you fall in love with the practice. Blessed Vibes all! Namaste

Phone : 619-948-5251
Email: rhilop24@gmail.com
Facebook: Inspirati-ommm Yoga for the people
IG: lilulopez
Location: Ponce, San German

Mildred Ramos

RYT 200: Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico
RYT 200: Essential Yoga School

I began my Yoga journey in the 90’s but have been actively practicing for 6 years. I started with a video that I bought and used only a couple of times in the 90s, where there was no teacher guiding you. It was not until I visited my first studio, Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico, that I was able to experience new sensations, from something as simple as breathing to the ability to connect with myself that I fell at her feet. At first I practiced it to improve the balance. Even regularly attending Cycling classes, boxing, weights and functional exercises such as “Willpower & Grace” was not until I entered fully and that I could experience a level of peace, unique body and mental harmony, even going through personal situations, stress and even I knew I wanted to learn more. I visited other studies already convinced that I would do my 1st Teacher Training and I chose the one that made me feel like a fish in water. I’m still in that learning process and I’m passionate about it. The goal was not to become an instructor or to stand on my head, it the way I felt that I wanted to share with others I wanted them to experience all the wonderful benefits that I’ve achieved through yoga.

Contact Info: 787-448-0202
Email: milramosyoga@gmail.com
IG: milramosyoga
Location: Caguas 

Tamara Valls

RYT 200 Yoga Sadhana
RYT 300: Essential Yoga School
Naturopathic Graduate Student
Reiki Master USUI Method

Mission statement
My mission is to help students nurture their body, mind, and spirit by clearly and compassionately guiding them through a yoga practice that is full of self care.

Why I teach yoga?
I teach yoga because I want others to experience the gift that my yoga practice has given me SELF-CARE. I need to take care of myself first before I can serve others. This self-nourishment is what I want for my students when they’re on their yoga mat.

Contact Info: 787-477-6406
Email: Tamaravalls@gmail.com
Facebook: blissful yoga by tamara
IG: blissfulyogabytamara
Location: Ponce

Mayling Melendez

RYT 200: Essential Yoga School

Mayling’s teaching style is both gentle and introspective. Her clases are playful, powerful and heartfelt! Her Find your Happy Yoga method focuses on recognizing the joy within yourself helping you find the true you that exist already within yourself! Mayling believes that when you find that little pearl of happiness, it will help you connect with your heart and experience life from another view.
She enjoys Yoga, because it allows her to connect with the creativity within herself and the divine peace achieved during a session. Every class brings a different perspective that will allow you to view life through the perfect authenticity of your spirit. You can follow her journal on Instagram, @discoveringmay, where she shares her experiences and learnings. She currently resides in Caguas, Puerto Rico with her loving husband, five cats and her dog

Contact Info: 787-595-6893
Email: exquisitemay@gmail.com
IG: discoveringmay
Location: Caguas, PR

Raquel Arocho

RYT 200: Escuelas de Artes Misticas
RYT 200: Essential Yoga School
Raquel Arocho found her passion for service 7 years ago through the discipline of yoga. She obtained her Certifications in basic and intermediate yoga from the School of Mystic Arts in Condado, Puerto Rico. She has experience in teaching this discipline, for children, adults, and the elderly, people with Fibromyalgia and other conditions.

Raquel is the owner of Adhara Yoga Studio, located in Caguas, focused on therapeutic yoga and various disciplines that promote holistic lifestyle and holistic wellness. Her classes are aimed at a variety of different needs, inspired by the style of the master BKS Iyengar.
Her commitment and mission in life is to use yoga as a tool to achieve a “balance between body, mind and breathing”.

Contact Info: 787-240-1483
Email: Adharayogastudio@gmail.com
Facebook: Adhara yoga studio
IG: adhara_yoga_studio
Location: Caguas, PR