Jennifer Claudio - Essential Yoga School

About Jennifer Claudio – the founder of Essential Yoga School

Jennifer was born in Chicago in 1972. At the age of seven, she moved to Puerto Rico, which for her parents was a return to their home.

Jennifer lived in Puerto Rico until she was 19, when she moved to New Jersey in 1995  She immediately began practicing Yoga and realized that it would be an integral part of her life, but it would take several years before she would understand the impact that it would have on her life.  8 years after she started practicing yoga Jennifer began to teach yoga and has been doing so for the past 20 years.

During her 26 years in the United States, Jennifer lived and taught in numerous locations – New Jersey, Thailand, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New York, Maryland, Florida, and California. Throughout that time she realized the importance and need to share yoga with the world. Jennifer  has created a legacy of over a hundred yoga teachers spread out across the world, and is proud of the lives she has touched and influenced.


And now Jennifer’s journey has taken her home to Puerto Rico.

In 2018 after years of traveling, Jennifer moved back to Puerto Rico. Since then she has shared Essential Yoga School to her beloved island.

Jennifer states, “It has been wonderful to travel, learn and teach in many places over the past quarter century, but I’m really enjoying being close to my family, and creating new teachers in the land of my roots.”


Jennifer brings her own unique outlook to her Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Jennifer believes that Yoga Teacher Training is a journey of self transformation, and an opportunity to explore whatever is blocking you from bringing your dreams to life.

In her training practice, Jennifer teaches her students to bring acceptance in their lives and be present in the now. This is as valuable a path in life as it is in yoga practice.

The less you resist the happier you will be. In order to be happy, it is necessary to be accepting of the information that comes into your life. I teach that to live a more happy and settled life is to be able to catch yourself when you are moving in the wrong direction. To always be checking in with yourself; catching ourselves when we take in external attitudes and events and internalizing them.” – Jennifer Claudio