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Jennifer Claudio - Essential Yoga School

Jennifer Claudio is the founder of the Essential Yoga School. Jennifer grew up in Puerto Rico, and then spent 26 years living in the Continental United States, where she taught Yoga and Reiki to many students. In 2018, she returned to Puerto Rico to live and to teach with the Essential Yoga School. See the About page to read more about Jennifer.

At Essential Yoga School we offer a wide variety of Yoga in all of its forms. You can find Yoga Teacher Trainings (Certification Programs), Reiki Trainings, Workshops, Retreats, Private classes and consultations. We are committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga in a safe and nurturing atmosphere in order to bring greater health, happiness and well-being into the lives of those in our community. We strive to impart this knowledge in the spirit of healing, love, transformation and service. We share a vision of higher states of consciousness and embrace the path of self-realization.

We encourage interaction, self exploration and any questions that will assist your transition in this new chapter of your life. We are building a world together in cooperation, mutual benefit and in accordance with the highest good of all life everywhere and that begins with us. The healing and growth that takes place through our classes, trainings and retreats has the capacity to bring each person into wholeness. Through this training you will experience a different way of living.

Our non-dogmatic approach is what draws our community in. We believe that there is no one way of practicing yoga. We are all uniquely perfect and inspire our students to embrace their journey as it is.  As we learn to understand and accept our own limits we can then make a positive impact on our students’ lives so that they can create the life that they have always dreamed of.